Teacher Grants

We will be offering teacher grants to our Daniel Boone educators in 2014.  This can only be done with your generosity and support.  Your annual contribution helps to underwrite the programs Daniel Boone teachers and administrators submit to the Blazer Foundation as worthwhile and innovative enhancements to the District.  The funds the Daniel Boone faculty donates solely support this initiative.  Please help us provide creative programs and otherwise unfunded opportunities here in our district.

The support of the Daniel Boone School District and staff is a very powerful story to share with other donors about the belief you have in the work you are doing and what is being done in this District.  By choosing to direct your contributions to the Blazer Foundation, this clearly demonstrates the value teachers, staff and administration place on the Foundation’s work and the opportunity to impact the students in the classroom through the teacher grant program the Blazer Foundation is committed to implementing.

Our goal for our first year is 50% building participation.

The deadline to submit the payroll deduction form is September 25th, 2013.   The first payroll deduction will occur on October 4, 2013.

Please give generously by downloading the Payroll deduction 2013 form, completing and returning it to your building office, and know that you are…….YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!!!

Thank you for all you do for our students and district!

Here is a link for examples of how teacher grants have been utilized in other local school districts.