Who We Are

The Blazer Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization created and administered by a board of community volunteers to receive and allocate resources that will serve to enhance the district’s educational and cultural programs and enrich the students of the Daniel Boone Area School District. We are partners with the Daniel Boone School District, its students and its community; however we are not a branch of the School District.

The foundation obtains funding from donations from businesses and individuals, and uses those funds to provide enhancements to educational opportunities that may not be supported by the school district’s budget.

Through fund raising and community awareness initiatives, the Blazer Foundation will promote, support and partner with the Daniel Boone Area School District and its community. This will be accomplished through the following five activities:

  1. Identifying and addressing gaps between financial restrictions and the needs of our school district.
  2. Celebrating the successes of our students.
  3. Advocating for our school district in the business community and beyond.
  4. Embracing our community’s commitment to cultural diversity and understanding.
  5. Investing in a sound and lasting learning environment for our students, the future leaders of our community.

The Blazer Foundation is a not for profit 501(c)(3) organization. All donations to the Blazer Foundation are tax deductible and will go towards programs that support the educational efforts of the school district.

How Can I Help?

The generosity of people within the community is what allows the Blazer Foundation to make a difference. Every Foundation accomplishment is the product of people who give their time, share their talent or make a gift. Here are a few ways you can get involved: Tell family, friends and neighbors about the Blazer Foundation; serve on the board or on a committee; attend our events; consider offering a donation of your time, your talent and/or your treasures.

It takes all kinds of people in the community to make a successful foundation and we welcome support from everyone. Volunteering is a fantastic opportunity to become involved in the community, meet new people, develop practical experience and gain an overall sense of meaning and purpose. We thank you for considering donating your precious and valuable time to the Blazer Foundation.