HS Science Courtyard

Student rendering of the Lori Kemp Memorial STEAM Courtyard

For decades Daniel Boone teachers, students, and parents have walked the corridors of the high school annex and noticed the courtyards and wondered why the courtyards are vacant. Well, that observation is about to change!

The DBHS Green Team plans to convert one of these courtyards into an outdoor Green Classroom and a Greenhouse Laboratory, named the “Lori Kemp Memorial STEAM Courtyard”. The Daniel Boone Relay for Life will be joining forces with the Green Team through a “Buy a Brick” program to purchase the bricks necessary to pave the Green Classroom’s sidewalks and patio. Through a partnership with the Blazer Foundation, proceeds will be donated to both the Green Team and Relay for Life. What a great way to be a permanent part of this project!

The “Buy a Brick” program will give local community members an opportunity to acknowledge loved ones who have been victims of cancer. Additionally, business and community members may also purchase a brick to acknowledge a teacher, a local Armed Service Member, a significant student accomplishment or their overall support of our project.

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